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Outstanding build, similar to stuff I've been turning over in my head lately. Tashalatora is an amazing, perhaps overpowered, feat. One question on the mechanics, though. I'm not sure you can apply Tashalatora to every psionic class in which you have Monastic Training. The feat description doesn't say that; it says that levels in "the class" in which you took monastic training stack. My interpretation of the description would be that you need to take Tashalatora separately for each psionic class to which you want it to apply, much like you have to take Weapon Focus multiple times to apply it to multiple weapons. Just my sense of it.

Another question I've been turning over in my mind is how we define a "psionic class" for the purposes of the feat. Do prestige classes qualify? (I'd say yes, and it seems you agree). What qualities does a class have to have to be psionic? For example, is a psionic artificer a member of a psionic class? Your thoughts would be appreciated.S1Q3T3 22:42, 9 April 2009 (MDT)

Is Monk Needed Here?[edit]

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that mountain trolls were human-shaped enough to wear belts; if that's so, can the 2 levels of monk just be replaced with a Monk's Belt? That would give you far better psionics. I've never seen Tashalatora so I'm not sure what the prereqs for that are. Surgo 22:46, 9 April 2009 (MDT)

Tashalatora is in Secrets of Sarlona. It allows you to stack your monk levels with your levels in a psionic class for which you have taken the Monastic Training feat from Eberron. The stack applies to unarmed damage, monk AC bonus, and flurry.
Since Monastic Training can be subbed out for a monk bonus feat, losing the monk would knock you down a slot in terms of the crtical feats. It would also make you more vulnerable to antimagic/dispelling effects. He'd also lose the Wisdom bonus to AC. On the other hand, I'm always trying to squeeze more psionics out of twenty levels, so your point is well taken. He ends up with a Manifester level of 20 (thanks to Practiced Manifester) and 221 power points plus bonus. That's pretty good. S1Q3T3 07:30, 10 April 2009 (MDT)
Just a note; he'd not lose wisdom to AC, as Monk's Belt gives you that. --TK-Squared 08:45, 10 April 2009 (MDT)


Sorry for the confusion, Tashalatora only stacks with Slayer because that's what MOnastic Training was keyed to. So your monk levels are 2+10 SLayer levels. Then a Monk's Tattoo bonuses this up to I believe another +4 (For purposes of Flurry/AC/Unarmed damage).

Metamorphosis and Expansion work together. Metamorph changes your form. Expansion increases your size. I'm not sure who thought it wouldn't work, but it does, just like Polymorph and Enlarge Person does.. - Sleaker 22:58, 31 December 2009 (UTC)

Want more w/ less[edit]

0) I love the idea of a psionicist monk and wish they could freely multi-class in 3.5e, as the Oriental Adventures monk can from 3e. I understand the need to balance them though, I just wish I could multi-class back & forth w/ an Ardent instead of only the Fist of Zuoken. I suppose they're powerful enough but I'd love some help optimizing one w/ an Unarmed Weaponmaster.

1) a kobold? seems like he would lack personality... I'm kinda against most monstrous humanoids becoming monks since I think they would lack the wisdom/enlightenment essentially but I don't know the 'rules' (nor am I likely to dig them up just now). #justsayin' I guess make him venerable provides significant back-story.

2) Is optimizing a unarmed weaponmaster psionicist monk almost assuredly rely on expansion & metamorphing or are their other options... i.e. more skirmisher/healer or gish instead of brawler/bruiser?

3) what are the homebrew, pathfinder & 5e options

Kobold is used specifically for Dragonwrought abuse, which allows a Kobold to abuse age penalties (completely remove them) along with making the lifespan of the kobold x5 or x10 cha past Venerable (if your DM keeps track). So essentially a free +3 to all mental abilities. On top of the ability scores, a Dragonwrought becomes typed as adragon not a humanoid (dragonblood). Which prevents spells like charm person (if it was even a thread anyway) and various other things for not being typed as a human. There are also various other fun benefits with the kobold, size, languages, lore, dark vision...
Yes. size bonuses create the bulk of the damage increases especially for unarmed damage. Colossal++ size accounts for a massive damage boost after everything is added up.
I don't look at homebrew as I was keeping this all within WoTC sources. This probably isn't possible in Pathfinder as none of the required sources are available (those being the feats which stack class levels). 5e I have no clue as I haven't even seen it yet.
- Sleaker 23:12, 19 October 2012 (MDT)


Can someone point me to the book this class is drawn from? It looks like a slightly modified version of "Illithid Slayer" from the Expanded Psionics Handbook, with easier entry requirements and flexibility on the favored enemy.

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