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I have some criticism...

  • Why is this spell called sword of protection? It doesn't seem to be doing any protecting, and nowhere does it specify the weapon should be a sword. As currently defined, the weapon could even be a longbow or a javelin of lightning.
  • What exactly does "enchant" mean in this context? Is it creating a weapon from nothing (conjuration), or enhancing an existing weapon (transmutation)? "Enchant" seems to leave it vague, especially as in D&D terms the enchantment school usually has to do with mind control and thought manipulation. Since this is based on spiritual weapon, why not just have it create a weapon instead of "enchanting" one?
  • Why is this spell part of the abjuration school? If it's modifying an existing weapon, like magic weapon, it should be transmutation. If it's creating a weapon, like spiritual weapon, it should be conjuration.
  • As this spell can apparently enchant any weapon within 60 feet, and that weapon is "consumed by the spell," you could as-written use it to disarm another creature with no save and get all the normal benefits of the spell.
    • If that effect is intended, it's far too powerful for a 2nd level spell. If that effect is not intended, this is just spiritual weapon but with a costly material component.
  • "You can cast this spell and then hold the weapon in your hands, allowing you to pretend to use the weapon yourself." This is neat, but... it's a bit unclear to me: can you still actually attack with the weapon (using your action or opportunity attack), or just pretend and only actually attack with it using a bonus action?
  • Maybe I am missing something, but since this seems almost exactly like spirital weapon except with the apparent flaws listed above, why not just let other classes in your game cast spiritual weapon instead of making a different and more confusing version of the same spell?

- Guy 12:01, 1 May 2019 (MDT)

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