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Ok Klas Wullt here.

I admiut this is a shitty work here comes my design plan as usual

Design Plan[edit]

Design Plan[edit]

'Klas Wullt'


Ability table of abilities above 20 and above.
  • table of speed per turn / light and speed of sound
  • table of strenght
  • table of con
  • table of dex
  • table of int
  • table of wis
  • table of char
  • table of time and space
  • table of self-damage for using superstrenght
  • table of limits and impossible feats

Super Abilities[edit]

Additional uses for abilities above 20.

  • Stopping Force
  • Balance Force
  • Kinesis
  • Explode
  • Focus Force
  • Chock
  • Deflecting Force
  • Vibrate
  • Radio Listen
  • Multiple Actions
  • body sense
  • Predict
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Self-Brainwashing
  • Read/Write DNA
  • Read/Write Brain.
  • Read/Write Molecules
  • Craft(atom)
  • Craft(universe)
  • Spot Luck
  • Spot Bad Luck
  • Appraise Level
  • Spot Relationship
  • Read Situation
  • control other to control other.

base classes[edit]

Super Heroes have a more complex relationship to their base abilties than normal heroes. Most Super Heroes but not all have one base Super Abilitiy such as Superstrength rather than Strenght. Superabilties are just Abilites above 20. A Superstrong hero can therefore take Superstrong Hero instead of Strong Hero but takes fast hero instead of Super Fast Hero.

If the GM wants more generalist superheroes with more than one power each then he can make all the superclasses available from level 1.

How to understand the classes?

Super Ability classes accelerates Ability Classes and they are raw power rather than finesse. A strong hero is a well trained human and superstrong Hero is an untrained superhuman. Superheroes are usually untrained and gifted with extreme powers. What Super Abiltity class does train themselves with is to use their super abilites and ignore damage and limits.

  • Example:

If a Super hero for some reason can take 2 levels Strong Hero (the normal) and then 1 superstrong hero. That means that he better trained with common sense use of Strenght than with powers.

  • Example:

If a superhero has 3 levels Super Strong Hero but no Strong Hero that means he has more raw power than finesse.

  • 12 base classes.
  • six super ability classes
  • six abiltity claasses
  • the normal six base classes embody experties in an ability
  • the Super normal six abilties embody extraordinary gift in an ability.
  • a hero may or must have both corresponding classes
Super Strong Hero
  • Summary of Ablities.

Uses a force field to manipulate and balance kinetic energy. Ignores damage from using strenght Relocate center of wieght. Otherwise its impossible to grapple that building. Ignire that the steel is harder than hand and bone. create shockweaves. Equal strengh score in all bodyparts.

Super Fast Hero

Uses a force field to bend time.

  • Summary of abilties.

Ignores damage from running in super speed Multiple action Concentration, fast thinking, initiaitve etc by slowing time equal to his dexterity.

Superthough Hero.
  • Summary of abilities

Uses a force wield to keep body together for a better word. Skelletal force field, skin force field and a life force field.

Supersmart Hero.

  • Summary of abilties

The supersmart hero creates a small universe within himself and carries alternative realities in his mind. With deductive perception predicts the future and past by absorbing invisible details.

Superwise Hero.

  • Summary of Abilites

Mysterious and emotional. Predicts the futury and generates luck.

  • Super Charismatic Hero
  • Summary of Abilities

Allows Impossible lies in a short time.


  • one power per hero
  • several modifications of that power
  • several specialisaitons of that power
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