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With this, a scythe would become a x8 Multiplier, for only a +2 Bonus? I feel this is quite broken, especially when you pack on things such as Keen Edge, along with other Homebrew ideas to further increase the CTR. What if Subtle actually steps the Multiplier up by +1 degree; A x2 becomes a x3, a x3 to a x4, and a x4 to a x5 and so on. The steps stacks, however they must be taken at the same time during the single Enchantment. What this means is that you can move a Longsword from a x2 to a x3, x4, x5, x6 - Whatever the cap may be set at, if there is even one (Which I feel is best set at x5, so that a x4 weapon can still benefit from this). The enchantment's cost for the bonus would relate to the multiplier that it's being driven up to.

>A x2 weapon being turned into a x3 would be a +1 Bonus.

>A x3 weapon being turned into a x4 weapon would be a +2 Bonus.

>A x4 weapon being turned into a x5 weapon would be a +3 Bonus.

Additionally, a Double-Weapon should be considered for one head at a time. So your 1d6/1d6 could have a Multiplier of x3/x2, a x3/x3, or with enough gold a x5/x5. This allows for greater customization, a scaled cost-to-bonus factor, and the prevention of OP weapons.

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