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Not an outsider, but an undead. Outsiders are actually composed of the essence of their native planes. This is just a ritually created spirit.

Also, I have no idea why two scores are listed for each ability.

That isn't 2 ability scores, it's the ability score then the subsequent modifier. Otherwise I agree. It should be undead, not an outsider. Incorporeal creatures shouldn't have a constitution score. The ability to shift between corporeality and incorporeality is pointless all it does is throw away the advantage of being very difficult to hit.

Scry isn't a skill. Intuit direction is a part of survival checks. If it can disable its targets, there's no point in the dagger being keen. --Oddplume 22:17, 13 February 2009 (MST)

As the one who originally posted this creature on the wizards boards many years ago I feel urged to answer here. The sleepwalker was made with the 3.0 rules. I made it before 3.5 was even announced. In 3.0 Scry and Intuit direction have been legit skills. Incorporeal creatures suffered a mischance when attacking corporeal targets. So this article should be sorted under 3.0 material or has to be modified to fit in the 3.5 rules set. The keen attribute of the dagger made sense to me to give the sleepwalker an extra thread to those who are immune to nightmares. Last but not least my idea was that the creature is not an animated undead. It is created by evil spirits (or energy) that feasts on the suffering of the victim, absorbing it and becoming a impersonation of the nightmares of the victim. And yes, this is a very nice way to put your players on the wrong track when facing these baddies. Worked nicely on several occasions. -- 08:01, 20 February 2017 (MST)

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