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Knowledge (Arcana)?[edit]

So I love this feat. I think it is well worded, well conceived, and well executed. I can think of several characters that could have benefitted from this feat. However, I have one point of contention. Since the bonus to AC is based upon Wisdom, and since wisdom is the basis for divine spells, and since this feat is called "skyclad" which, to me, has obvious connections with nature and even the old wiccan and pagan belief systems, should the prerequisite be ranks in Knowledge (nature) or Knowledge (religion) instead of Knowledge (Arcana)? Just a thought I had...other than that, 10/10 on this feat!!!! --Skwyd 14:36, 24 September 2007 (MDT)

A case could be made for those, yes. There were a few reasons why I went for Arcane: it's also a class skill for Clerics (and formerly for Druids IIRC, it seems to have been dropped in 3.5) so it seemed appropriate for "general magical/supernatural knowledge" which might lead to a minor quasi-magical ability that isn't granted by a deity. It's still a class skill for Monks, the only class that automatically gets a similar ability (they also get Religion, but not Nature). And it leads on to the more powerful Skyclad Warrior, which involves a ritual that looks rather like a spell. Incidentally, have you seen the Skyclad Practitioner? There, I used Spellcraft as the qualifying skill and gave Knowledge skills in Arcane, Nature and Religion as class skills (in addition to Listen and Spot, representing the "enhanced awareness" aspect, and the ability to detect magic at will when skyclad). Findail 12:54, 27 September 2007 (MDT)
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