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My first try on D&D Wiki! Raweno

what does cheng quan gong fu mean? greenstyle

It means; Long (Cheng) Fist (quan) Kung (Gong, Time) Fu (energy). It is a chinese fighting style, specializing in long-ranged techniques, mastered after much time and effort (about ten years). Raweno

New changes[edit]

Hey anonymous user, I agree with several of your edits, I have reverted the ones I didn't like. If you could Identify yourself, that would be cool. An interesting trend I have noticed among these anonymous users is the desire to make an evil Shaolin Monk, or rather, make the Shaolin monk capable of being evil, and that I will not allow. In the future, don't make any changes yourself, even if you are right. Please, please, PLEASE ask on THIS page, and let me, the author, decide what to do with your ideas. Thank you. --Raweno (talk) 17:40, 9 November 2012 (MST)

Anonymous user, I kept the shamans part of your edit, because it makes my article more complete. I also reverted the 'neutral characters accepted' part. You have a fair point, but I want the alignment to be a clear-cut requirement; if you want to play a neutral shaolin monk, ask your DM instead of changing the article.--Raweno (talk) 14:04, 12 January 2013 (MST)

Okay. 13 Jan 2013


I have intended to do this for a long time. Bottom Line Up Front: Well done over all, but you need to standardize the capitalization, define the abilities type(EX,Su,Sp), and clean up the wording. over all balance is just fine, barring the AC from hard like steel.

  • Ma Bu: granting a rank in a skill is problematic, it can exceed max ranks, or even funkier things, I'd recomend a bonus instead.
  • Punch lie in place of ox: :Good ability, has precedent in Monk of the Enabled Hand. However, I feel this needs to be an opposed check. Give the Monk a +4(or a + level of Shaolin Monk) and make it a bull rush. Also, missing a period at the end of the ability.
  • hard like steel: I think this should at least have "Hard" capitalized. Could be changed to swift action. good ability though.
  • Palm of Iron Sand: Appropriate ability, but it needs clarification. With the current wording, ALL crit increases will now stack.
  • Art of light body: Well done, I like it.
  • Clandestine stepping: This is a very powerful ability. I like the limitations imposed, but I feel it could be worded more clearly. Also, you might want to state you cannot exceed your maximum movement in a round.
  • Improved hard like steel: Too much AC. The DR is a bit high, but I feel if someone has stuck with a monk class this long, they deserve to be rewarded. Really don't need an ability that can add 30 to your AC though, 20 is pushing it.
  • Improved Art of Light Body: I am very forgiving on capstone abilities, and this one equates to jumping 4 feet higher, and 16 feet farther. this will go up as the monk progresses, but it doesn't destroy the game like most capstones.

--Ganre (talk) 10:52, 21 January 2014 (MST)

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