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Geo's edits and suggestions - 2/16/2010[edit]

The author may feel free to revert to his/her original description, but since there was no author attributed to whom I could send an email to have a discussion, I've made a couple of tweaks to make what I think are improvements. I'll describe my reasoning below.

First, I eliminated the "Sneak Attack 2d6" prerequisite. One of the key abilities this class confers is the ability to do sneak attacks. If you can already do a 2d6 sneak attack, then there's no benefit in that regard, until you gain 6 levels in this prestige class.

Second, I eliminated the "You must worship a spider queen" prerequisite. First, this is kind of impractical, unless you're talking about Lolth, as she is the canonical Spider Queen goddess. In which case you're making an evil alignment requirement, as well. But this isn't called for, really, since spiders themselves are neutral. Moreover, even the Arachnomancer prestige class, which is arguably at least as demanding an arachnid-themed class, doesn't require worshiping a spider queen or Lolth. I left the "You must have some connection with spiders" which DMs can interpret however they feel is appropriate for their campaign (and could, indeed, require worshiping Lolth as that connection).

There was a sentence fragment "If she also has levels in druid" which also I deleted.

The special abilities might be tweaked a bit to even them out, but I left those alone.

Hope this helps!

Geo, 2/16/2010


oh my god this is a awful class ihate it 1/10 —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts.

Spider Jump[edit]

I like the class. Compared to the other spider related classes, this one is much easier to understand and use. It also throws in a rogue-ish twist to things witch is very nice. The one thing I'm not so sure about is the Spider Jump ability. I think that the Shadespider must Jump with his spider (adjacency is fine) although they don't have to be aiming at the same location (like if they were trying to Jump and flank someone together). If the Shadespider could just Jump whenever and where ever he want without his spider it's just like a bunch of not so long ranged dimension door spells (especially once you get into the higher levels). Being able to jump around by himself means he can just leave his spider at home and not worry about it because it's not like the spider is as great as he is in combat (which is perfectly fine). -Tyraxor 16:44 6/10/09

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