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i put in a edit to change 50gp and 2xp to 50gp and 4xp due to the fact that they are now materials for 100 gp worth of magic items Ewokdruid 13:11, 10 January 2010 (UTC)

im just questioning the whole "super uber-ima chunk of stone" thing at seventh level, i have a feeling that that could just be plain old broken. like my dryer last month, i have a feeling that that could be limited alittle more. but who knows. sometimes dryers are suposed to leak water. just saying.--Typ(tip) 00:03, 11 January 2010 (UTC)
It's a class designed for wizards (a tier one class). The ability, while potent, is not so much better than other abilities offered by other Wizards of the Coast prestige classes, such as the Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil. -- Jota 01:35, 11 January 2010 (UTC)

At second level, you get a seriously improved version of an epic metamagic feat (Enhance Spell), without having to increase the spell level by 4. I believe that can be considered more broken than Unbreachable Stone Defense. -- Frodosquall.

And I contend that it cannot be considered so, because it really just isn't it.. Because uncapped don't let you do anything more than what you can already do. They just make sure fireball always does a d6 per caster level--so at level 16, you're doing another d6 of damage with Lightning Bolt.
Whether or not that metamagic feat is epic is immaterial--Epic has a power level all over the darn place, even moreso than pre-level 20 D&D. Seriously, at level 5, the fighter who's spent the feats to get Whirlwind Attack gets to make an attack roll to have a chance at hitting all enemies within 5 feet. If he succeeds on his attack roll, he then has to roll to see how much damage he does. A wizard, by contrast, gets to say "Oh, nice one, Bjorn. You hit them and took a little damage off of three of them. What do you have that's better than that? What? Nothing?! Whatever--I cast fireball. All the orcs within 20 feet of that one with the eyepatch, including him, roll Reflex or take 5d6 damage. Oh, look, the big one made his save--and took 2d6 damage anyway, like a hit from a greatsword made of fire. Huh? Oh, Bjorn, that's just one spell that had no prior investment. It's my only fire spell--I thought about Burning Hands before, but it's a little lame. Before this level, all I did was cast enchantments and illusions and once I summoned a snake to put it down the cleric's robes for a joke. What? Oh, yeah, I can do this all day. I bought a wand of fireballs in town so I wouldn't have to prepare nothing but this, in case we need another snake or to put something to sleep. It wasn't even very much. Do you want to borrow it? What? You don't know how to work it. Eh, whatever, I'll loan it to the Rogue--who just shivved an orc for almost as much damage as you did to those three orcs combined."
Something having 'epic' in its name or description proves nothing and means nothing by itself. Or, to put it another way: Any spell that uncapped magic would help (fireball, lightning bolt, etc) is already worse than doing something like Acid Fog or Black Tentacles or Plane Shift (or Sleep, or Color Spray, or Major Image, or Summon Monster). So it really doesn't make a difference other than letting direct-damage spells phase out of usefulness slightly less slowly. Unbreachable defense is way better than Uncapped Magic. Of course, there's spell schools -filled- with stuff better than Uncapped Magic. --Genowhirl 13:48, 29 January 2012 (MST)
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