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IT says they become stuck if they fail a reflex save, but what is the DC for this save? Also, What is the stregnth check to break free?

The spell save DC of the casting character which would be 10 + Relevant ability modifier (for a Sandbender, Wisdom) + spell level. For example, a 10th level Sandbender with 20 Wisdom would have a +5 modifier and therefore the save DC would be 10 + 5 + 2 = 17.

Is controlling the Replica...[edit]

...a standard action or is it a free action or what?

Something I noticed...[edit]

There is no measure the amount of health the sand replica has before losing it's form. Would it be something like 1/2 the Sandbender's HP + casting lvl? Also, is controlling a Sand Replica a full round action or can I do it as a free action?


Sorry for the wait. >.<

I'll add in a paragraph or sentence or something clarifying how to make the replica take actions but I intended it to be a less numerous but more usable version of mirror image. As such I imagined them moving as free actions though that may make it a bit powerful for a second level spell. Dunno >.> .

About their health, that's an excellent question. In my hindsight I see I skipped the whole health thing for magical/elemental damage. I like your idea though so I'll use that for it.

Uhnaneemoos 21:38, 26 June 2011 (MDT)

Question About AC--Soulfire91 00:03, 10 October 2011 (MDT)[edit]

How can I calculate the Sand Replica's AC? Do I use caster lvl (+1 AC/2 lvls) or something else?--Soulfire91 00:03, 10 October 2011 (MDT)

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