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The Effects of the Curse[edit]

I think this item needs to be more specific in some regards: Does the player lose control when they permanently become a weretiger and have not embraced the curse beforehand? Can they even do this, since they don't necessarily transform until the second night? If so, does the player lose control of the character with the changed alignment coming from embrace? Lastly, holding werecreatures as slaves is extremly hard, since they are outright immune to nonmagical damage and thus need very strong countermeasures. You are trapping an intelligent, nigh unkillable, angry great cat with hands nearby.

Other issues[edit]

In addition, getting permanent immunity to nonmagical damage, as well as eventually an increase in strength is hardly a curse, if you retain control and your alignment doesn't change. Plus, since the ring seems to bond with the character permanently, transforming your victims this way has an extremely high cost and i can not see how this would be an economically sound idea.

Why not just say the ring either isn't used for this purpose or simply transforms them into tabaxis, retaining their racial traits, but changing their outward experience? On a final note, even the Axe of dwarvish lords doesn't make the transformation into a dwarf as permanent and as quickly as this item, so it should have legendary rarity at least.

--Doctor Dee (talk) 13:46, 8 March 2019 (MST)

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