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The problem with this is you'll have everyone running around with bastard swords and spiked chains and traditional melee weapons will fall by the wayside. If you made some rule that limited how much a character could spend on a certain category, such as X on simple, X/2 (Y) on martial, Y/2 on exotic, it might balance it a little more. Alternatively you could limit the number of exotic weapon proficiencies based on the total points (cannot spend more than half total points on exotic weapons). That's pretty much my only gripe (seeing as exotic weapons generally poop on their martial/simple counterparts), as otherwise everyone will simply run around with spiked chains. -- Jota 10:01, 25 June 2009 (MDT)

My ideas to improve this (because it is an ok idea:
  • Exotic weapons cost more points than a character can start with (maybe a fighter should be able to start with an exotic)
  • Skill points can be exchanged for proficiency points
  • Have a feat that gives extra proficiency points
  • Change the values in the table so that characters have less options (like a fighter would have 4-5 martial + 2-3 simple or 1 exotic + 1-2 simple)
    • Less options create less generic builds
  • Improved unarmed strike can be bought with proficiency points
  • Fighters get extra proficiency points each level
  • Treat certain weapons as martial weapons for certain classes (whip for the bard for example)
  • Proficiency points can be used to advance the weapon focus/weapon specialization feat tree. You would still have to meet the prerequisites of the feats.
    • If you decide to make a martial weapon cost 2 points for the proficiency, maybe Weapon Focus could cost 3 points, Greater Weapon Focus costs 4 points, Power Critical costs 2 points, Weapon Specialization costs 3 points (Fighter only), and Greater Weapon Specialization costs 4 points (Fighter only). Give a Fighter enough Proficiency points at each level that he can afford these upgrades as soon as he can get them for one weapon and give some spare points so that he can partially invest in a second weapon.
    • Yes, this is effectively the same as giving the Fighter even more bonus feats, which should be fine.
Good luck improving the article! --Aarnott 10:19, 25 June 2009 (MDT)

I agree with you, here are the changes I use in my campaign, in the order you've brought them up
  • No thats good, see further down for my rebalance
  • 1 SP = 1/4 a PrP, I've done this as weapons can be alot more important for the combat classes than skills
  • Simple Weapon proficiency - 4 points
Martial Weapon proficiency - 4 points
Exotic Weapon proficiency - 8 points
  • Points gained from proficiency feats can only be spent in that category
  • I don't know how to make tables, so forgive me. below are the classes with their Proficiency points, the number in brackets is the max points they can spend on simple Weapons. your X, X/2, X/4 system works very well
Barbarian 38 (16)
Bard 28 (12)
Cleric 20 (9)
Druid 7 (3)
Fighter 38 (16)
Monk 7 (3)
Paladin 38 (16)
Ranger 38 (16)
Rogue 20 (9)
Sorcerer 8 (8)
Wizard 3 (3)
  • Odd request. but i'd say 5 points, as its the Exotic use of a Natural weapon
  • Whenever a character reaches a level that earns them a feat, they gain 4 proficiency points. As such, fighters also gain 1 point every even numbered levels
  • understandable, agreeable, but I would chalk that down to DM fiat. However; a character treats any weapon that is identified with their race(gnome hooked hammer, orc double axe) as a martial weapon. this makes it very easy to tell at a glance if it should be such
  • Agreed, but I'd rule: buying a higher proficiency level costs a concurrent 1 more point than previous.
  • e.g. Short Sword = 2 points. Weapon focus 3, greater focus 4, specialisation 5(all characters), greater specialization 6(all characters) so the eventual cost of a Greater ShortSword Specialization would be 20 points
  • Whip = 4 points, weapon focus 5 points etc.
  • Fighters get pretty much nothing else, and I like anything that gives fighters more variety
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