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I propose to add.: Developing technology is very dishonorable. Where do we get if every commoner can take a MG and shout down the level 15 wizzard or fighter? Certainly nowhere the level 15 character wants to be... In D&D power comes with experience. And magic equipment only the experienced can produce. And if a none experinced person should get into possesion of an artifact it will be taken of him by more qualified hands soon enought... And thats the way it should stay at least if you ask the powerful beeings In many D&D worlds concerning technology they have middle age or iron age... Well we had that too. But some D&D settings already have that for times longer than our civilisation even exists and their technology is not changing at all. And not because they are stupild. (In fact some of them are smarter than we in the same way we are smarter then an ape...). But because every single powerful beeing has a fundamental interest to keep things as they are...

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