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+1 Level[edit]

When it says that gnolls get +1 level in their first divine class and bugbears get +2 levels in their first sneak attack or sudden strike class, does this mean that some of their racial hit dice get converted over or that they get bonus levels as soon as they take a level in one of those classes? Or does it mean that gnolls are treated as one level higher for the purposes of spells per day and caster level and bugbears are treated as two levels higher for the purpose of sneak attack/sudden strike damage? Or does it mean something else entirely? Also, what are the class skills of the races with the racial hit dice? It lists skill points, but not the skills that they can be invested in. Do I assume that they have no class skills, or that all skills or class skills or something? --Jagadaishio 15:16, 11 August 2009 (MDT)

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