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Removal of Half-Goron[edit]

Why was the Half-Goron race removed? I'm fine with it but reasoning would be nice. I've also just added it back, I'm sorry if that's rude but I'd like it to stay up until I hear a reason if that's not too much of a hassle.

I understand this is basically your page, Guy. But on the main page, you said you were done with it for the most part so I'm just a bit confused really,

I don't mean any offence and I realise you've worked on this super hard and I just want to contribute any way I can, I also am fine with the Half-Goron and other additions I have made being removed as long as I get a reason for it, just because I worked pretty hard on a lot of the stuff I added. - Thanks for any understanding, Nap.

I unwatched most of the pages involved with Hyrule and hoped to forget about it, but it seems I neglected to unwatch Races (Hyrule Supplement). Seeing an addition so core to the setting I wanted to at least look at it. I regret looking. I normally try not to intervene with edits to Hyrule anymore, but after seeing this one I disagreed so vehemently that I couldn't keep myself from undoing the addition. You asked for reasoning, so here we go:
  • Based on available lore, it's impossible. How does a mono-sexed stone-person race "interbreed" with a two-sexed mammalian race?
    • Hylians and gorons don't even eat the same things. Does a mother hylian eat rocks? Does a mother goron eat plants and meat?
    • Gorons are all male, and they mostly aren't evil. I don't know how this could come to exist except through particularly brutal rape. The mother is literally expected to die according to the description. This content doesn't need to be that depressing nor M-rated.
    • Gorons pretty visibly do not have sexual organs, as they are often depicted naked and have never even suggested romance let alone sex. You need to jump through a perverted loop or two to suggest they really breed in a way compatible with hylians.
  • There is almost no lore or fluff to the half-goron page. Much of what is there is trying to justify how this abomination could hypothetically exist.
  • The wording of the half-goron page (and even its placement on Template:Hyrule Header) clashes with the rest of the setting on fundamental levels. E.g., all the race names are capitalized even though they are capitalized nowhere else in the setting. The level of detail is much less than most core races in this setting, too.
  • All races and even exotic races in this setting have clear canonical precedent (barring one subrace arguably). Half-goron's only basis is apparently that Rosso looks like he has some goron characteristics (even though he is canonically hylian).
    • Despite the numerous races in Hyrule, there is no clear evidence of a halfbreed of any two races.
  • While I expect to disagree with any interpretation of "half-goron," something this deep in hypothetical theory-crafting shouldn't be a core race (as opposed to an exotic race) in any case.
  • While it isn't a reason in its own right, it's noteworthy that the concept of a goron-hybrid player-character has been infamous in some circles for a couple decades now.
- Guy 10:25, 7 July 2020 (MDT)

Alright cool I understand, thanks for the reasoning. I suppose I hadn't really thought about many of the reasons you proposed, I appreciate the thought you put into it and am more than happy for the race to be removed from the setting. I apologise if this was a hassle for you.

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