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Hi! I'm Sasquatch, the creator of this class. I wanted make some kind of a class for a bnha campaign I'm planning to make. I decided to use fighter as a basic template for the basic abilities as it's a class with large amounts of customization!

I'd like to hear what everyones thoughts are on the class!

I also implore you to make and add your own quirks! This is something that each player should mak thier own!

I think "GO BEYOND!" should come at 19th level and then give the final ASI at 20th. Otherwise the character will have to rely on an item of some sort to meet their maximum potential. Along with this, I would remove the last Extra Attack improvement and keep the 4th attack exclusive to the Fighter to help differentiate these two classes a wee bit. 3 attacks is still more than most martial classes get. Malachai (talk) 14:11, 25 April 2021 (MDT)
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