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I beleive that the maximum 3 dolls at level 15 should change simply on the idea that it doesn't make any sense. Acording to the Doll part, "At first level (and again at every 5th level to a maximum of 3 at 15th level) a User gains a doll puppet that is used in combat." Which would be you get a puppet at 1st level, 5th Level, 10 Level, and then it gets capped at 3 when you reach level 15. Either It should be changed to where you have 4 puppets at 15th level or it says "to a maximum of 3 at 10th level." If I am just misunderstanding please tell me. --Kuraku

I think that it is a typo on the main page. You get your first puppet at 1st level, one at 5th, and the last one at 10th. When you enter Epic levels, starting at 21st level, you get your fourth and fifth puppet at 21 and 25 respectively. It should probably be fixed. The other thing I'm not clear on is the strength of the puppets. Does the puppet's attack bonus match that of the puppet user? Or does it count as something much like a summoned creature or familiar? I wish someone would add some chart for it so I wouldn't have to make something up. --RosalynSable

The only problem i see is what the stats 4 the pupets would be. --


The stats for the doll is never given, and there is no need to put "arcane strings" on the chart as it is listed in the special abilitys.

Need a little more....[edit]

Well, as the others have mentioned, needs a doll stat block for all 3 types, and also go further into the mechanic of the dolls, is it only one at a time? Or is it you can control up to the maximum of 3 unless your in epic? Not that it counts for anything, but letting you control up to the max that you have would work with a little tinkering in my opinion. Then again, unless you have feats that the puppets would have automatically, or some ability that lets them work in concert, that point is moot. Love the idea though, just needs a little more work, thats all.

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