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Info to Transcribe[edit]

3.5 Preferably for a diverse group with at least one Magic User and one Rogue/Artificer who can detect traps. For a group level of about 3-10 with adjustments needed to be made by the DM as needed.

HOW THE PORTALS CAME TO BE: (please feel free to add this into your campaign at any time, I'm just saying this now so that you know where the portals came from)

In the beginning there were three planes of existence, one of magic, one of mortals and one of the dead. These three worlds were separated due to an agreement with the High Council that had members from each plain. Where they decided to meet every three years was a rift between the different world so that each could exist alongside one another. There were three members from each plain, to help each part of the individual plains be represented.

For the plain of magic there was Arnell, a Halfling sorceress; Loderr, a dwarven artificer; and Sminigi an Elvin druid. From the plain of mortals there was Damain, the human fighter; Margerete the half elf bard and Gar the half Orc barbarian. And from plane of death came Bromere the ghost, Quinglo the Goblin, and Rah the minotaur. (I swear this is important to developmental plot)

One day at the trial the portals that they were using suddenly broke down. There was no evidence that they were destroyed or tampered with or even counter spelled, they simply stopped working. The different sides began to blame each other and very shortly they realized that they were stuck. Though everyone tired to reactivate the portals, there was no way they could get off of the rift because the rift hindered magical abilities.

While the others were bickering however, Arnell, Loderr and Smingi came up with a plan. They decided that since it was only possible to send small inanimate objects since people required too much magic, they would have each of the High Council members give away piece of themselves to be transported. Their pieces would be sent to the proper plane so that with the help of other outside magic, they could restart the portal from the other side and get out.

And so the sorceress used up all her power and sent the pieces into her own pane and hoped for the best. Your party will start in Mongrithil, the Plane of Magic.

(It's time for a table! I love tables and am going to put many of them in here, just so you know. They will be easy reference sheets for in-game accessibility)

Name          Possession        Alignment               Plane 
Arnell        Necklace         Neutral Good            Mongrithil
Loderr        Tool Kit         Lawful Neutral          Mongrithil 
Sminigi       Staff            Neutral                 Mongrithil 
Damian        Sword            Lawful Good             Tara
Margerete     Flute            Chaotic Neutral         Tara
Gar           Club             Chaotic Neutral         Tara
Bromere       Spell            Lawful Evil             Ranlagor
Quinglo       Spear            Neutral                 Ranlagor
Rah           Horn Tip         Neutral Evil            Ranlagor

(You must have a character with the proper alignment pick up the item to carry it. A good character can carry a neutral or good item, a neutral character can carry whatever he wants and an evil character can only carry a neutral or evil item. If you need to adjust for your party I will cry a little but they need to have the items for the story)

Some terms that I will use in the campaign:
DMC- Dungeon Master's Choice 
COI- Chart of Encounters 

Dungeon Master's Choice is hopefully pretty obvious. It’s where the DM gets to decide what monster to throw at his party. Just please, no Beholders or Great Wyrm Dragons on like level five characters. They will all die and the people playing the characters you just slaughtered will get pissy.

Chart of Encounters is based off of a d8 and is full of things that could happen to your party when they are trying to get from one place to another. It is of course at your digression to use this chart and it works by correlating the number rolled with the event on the chart. As are the rest of my charts.

Chart of Encounters
1. Ten to twenty wolves appear.(see Monster Manual) 
2. Two tree creatures appear. If offered water or asked to move will disappear. 
   If attacked (per tree): HP 30, dmg 2d4 per limb with 2 att./turn, AC 13, 
   Spell Resistance +3. When defeated leave 30 gold and 2 buckets of water each.
3. Five cobalts appear all with spears. HP 25, dmg 1d4, AC 10. When defeated each 
   leaves 15-20 gold, a spear and loin cloth. 
4. Old man with a turned over cart. If helped, will give each member 1d6 health 
   If attacked; HP 45, AC 15, Spell Resistance +2, 3d6 fireball, radius 20ft. (will save 
   above 15 negates for half) and sword 1d6 with 2 attacks per turn. When defeated leaves 
   sword 100 gold and a necklace that doubles the number of times fire ball can be used. 
5. Heavy fog for the next two days. -5 for cold damage with 15 or higher will save to 
6. Drunken bard passed out in the middle of the road. If healed will sing a song that  
   grants everyone in the group 5 more HP for the next battle. 
   If Attacked: HP 20, AC 8. If defeated, no gold. There will be a dark cloud following the 
   party for the next two days and all have to pass periodic bad luck checks 12 or higher on
   d20). If failed they will inflict themselves with harm (1d6).
7. Heavy rain. All previsions are rotten and all weapons are rusted. Must make a 
   fortitude save of 16 to not get a cold. If failed, Str, Cha and Dex-2. One day of rest
   will return members to full health. Waterskin negates effect.
8. Fall into a sand trap. Defeat a grapple of 20 to escape. Reflex of 20 to negate. If 
   they cannot escape after two turns they get sucked down into a dark chamber and have to 
   fight a barbarian orc. If won over by bluff or a charm spell will lead to the surface. If 
   attacked: HP 45, AC 17, Spell Resistance +4, Club does 1d6 damage and he can do two 
   attacks. DO NOT LET HIM BE KILLED! Once wounded (approx. HP 5- 10) he will take them back 
   to the surface. 

Now to the story!

There are five major countries in Mongrithil that are of importance to the story.

Magthrill, whose capital is Shai,where the King, Raland Quntell and his wife the queen Ilinda live in their large white castle thats sits at the top of the hill that Magthrill is nestled in and around. They also have a son Ramus who is currently leading the magical army to war with one of the neighboring countires. The queen just so happens to wear the necklace of Arnell the Great Sorceress.

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