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RockJockey's Response[edit]

This prestige class for arcane mages lacks interesting and fluid mechanics. As of right now, the abilities are too strong. Giving players +5 weapons as part of the kit takes away from player goals. A player can always buy a +5 weapon, try and fill the class ability with something more interesting.

A rough definition of a phoenix would be a mythological bird that has beautiful and bright plumage, has an affinity for fire, and can resurrect itself. Using that definition as a basis for the kit idea, one could think up several ideas to improve the kit's abilities and theme. -Is this a mage class, a melee class or a mixed class? Why? -Depending on whether it is a mage class, a melee class or a mixed class, it has to have appropriate tradeoffs. A melee class has full BAB, good Fort Save, lots of health and abilities that emphasize melee combat. A spellcasting class has half BAB, good WIll Save, low health, and full spellcasting. Currently, the class has not defined, it has full BAB and full spellcasting, something needs to change. -Beautiful plumage= some charisma based abilities, perhaps illusions or suggestions. -fire affinity = when the phoenix uses spells, interesting fire based effects happen. -resurrection is fine as is, except losing 1d4 levels is too much.

The original design (original author-OA) of the class was a full mix of melee and arcane. He had it set up as very powerful melee and very powerful magic. I reduced the melee benefits, and reduced the spellcasting ability. The original abilities of the flaming katana and the magical armor suggested the OA was leaning towards making a strong melee class with magical assist. The spellcasting I placed in is reduced spells per day for a sorcerer, it is not full spellcasting. The original penalty for resurection was 1d8 levels, I reduced it by half, not also that level loss is limited to phoenix levels only. The 'flavor' of the class, as per the OA was "powerful fire-wielding warrior", his/her words. My take on it was warrior based, with minor spellcasting focued on fire spells.
However that said, if you want to change the direction of the class feel free. --Elohim (talk) 16:38, 24 July 2014 (MDT)

Thanks for replying =) I may do some changes in the future. Perhaps this would be a good druid class?

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