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I have a problem with the "1% percent per caster level to remove deity ability magic" or whatever. seems unreasonable. I think it should be more like having to make an opposed check of some sort. Otherwise you're basically saying that a level 20 caster can undo a spell or effect cast by Mystra once every two days? So you're saying that you could undo Mystra infusing a Chosen with her divine essence? That would be a pretty big deal to undo. Or maybe you could undo Bane's death? :S I dunno...I think an opposed check is in order...undoing the death of a deity at the hand of another deity is a big deal, but could be acheived as the spell is worded, am i right?

Other than that, I like it. Will read more. --Othtim 16:41, 17 September 2008 (MDT)

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