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animals usually have only the same bab as a priest (+4 for 6 HD)

where does the +15 to hit comes from? it should be : +4(bab) +8(dex)+1(weapon focus) -1(large) = +12

or (if you want to keep the +6bab) : +6(bab) +8(dex)+1(weapon focus) -1(large) = +14

and the grapple bonus should be : +4(bab) +5(str)+4(large) = +13

or : +6(bab) +5(str) +4(large) = +15

and the feats Improved Natural Attacks and Weapon Focus usually improve only one weapon (claw or bite, not both), unless you take those two time each (but then, show it in the list of feats)

Question: Shouldn't it's bite attack be 2 less than it's claw attacks in the Full attack action? (see multiattack feat)

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