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Musicus Meter
Score: 5,5/6
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Cost Racial Trait
2 Constitution score increases by 2.
1 Charisma score increases by 1.
0,5 Ooze Sensitivity
-0,5 Speed 25 ft
1/1,5 Amorphous Body; (Immunity to being grappled, one of the most common conditions)
0.5 Ooze Telepathy.
1 Ooze Nature
5,5/6 Total.

This is what i got after making guesstimates about the "costs" of some of the traits. Take with a grain of salt. Not reapplying the template, since i think others should review this first and come to their conclusions. In my opinion, neither Ooze kiss or plasmodium should be racial traits at all. This would bring it back in line with other articles. However, besides this, the race is mostly poor on flavor, only being very good at grappling, and otherwise has the traits most other oozes on the wiki have. --Kara (talk) 06:37, 18 April 2019 (MDT)

updated the musicus to the current state of the page.--Kara (talk) 05:18, 20 April 2019 (MDT)

Lore Problems and Redundancy[edit]

Updated the musicus after balancing the page. However, i don't think this race is supposed to be for players, since the lore of this page says your creator god/demon spawn will lobotomize you if you don't act like a borg and take steps towards turning everyone into oozes. And since this page does nothing another ooze race doesn't already do, (except assimilation) i honestly don't know what to do with it. --Kara (talk) 05:20, 20 April 2019 (MDT)

My issue with the traits as of the last edit.[edit]

Although the edit made steps towards addressing the concerns while giving the race some power back, it runs into different problems for each trait:

- Plasmodium: The problem is not only the resistance, but also the fact that it forces you to pick certain classes because of your race. For example, a fighter or paladin using heavy armor would be at a very strong disadvantage, especially if they didin't start out as this race and were transformed against their will. Simply remove the armor restriction and change it into "you can not wear armor that is not specifically made to accommodate your ooze-body."

- Ooze's Kiss: No matter at which level you get this ability, you can use it to gain an unlimited number of relatively loyal followers. In addition, the system for conversion is time consuming and clunky to read and implement in-game. My suggestion would be to make it a trait that allows no saving throw or such and that happens after 1 hour, but needs an incapacitated or voluntary, not merely grappled, subject and does not influence the loyalty of the creature converted.

- blindsight: this is a very strong trait. I think it can only be balanced by not giving the mypaxia any other sense beside (make it 60 feet than) it or maybe by making it into a feat, although you'd need to check out feat design to balance this.

Lastly, the race was relativly balanced before the edits were made. So it is now again stronger than what it standard and it needs to be toned down.

--Kara (talk) 05:51, 24 April 2019 (MDT)

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