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Oh, God, I mean no offense or ill to this amazing man. This started off an Anonymous' mention that he made Mr. Rogers a minor deity in all his campaigns, and it just snowballed from there. --The Archivist 17:26, 19 September 2008 (MDT)

Very respectful. Better than all the stat blocks inspired by the Ultimate Showdown, at least. Now, if you made a campaign setting out of Mr. Rogers and the Land of Make Believe... It had better be well-done, or else the collective childhoods of many people will take vengeance upon you. Somehow! Anyway, a nice tribute. --Chaiyo Kaldor 18:29, 19 September 2008 (MDT)

Adds to consider:[edit]

Elements that should be considered for addition to 'temple' accouterments:

A large fish pond or tank, the feeding of which would be a contemplative exercise, assigned as a relative honor.

A stand upon which is mounted a vertical series of lamps with colored lenses, in order: green, yellow, and red. (I personally would have selected a rectangle with 3 appropriately colored lenses or stones as the holy symbol of Mr. Rogers)

A large back lit screen (picture picture) upon which images appear, either in the tradition of Chinese shadow puppetry, or in slightly more 'tech savvy' campaign settings, an arrangement similar to a Camera Obscura [1].

The trolley should probably run on a track, and at one end of the main gathering chamber, should be a miniature model of the Land of Make-Believe (LoMB), that the trolley would traffic through. The trolley, most likely, would also be considered the 'chariot' of Mr. Rodgers, used to travel from the LoMB to the physical plane, and probably used to carry the souls of his faithful to the LoMB when they pass from this plane.

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