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Domains 'all' seems overpowered. Your guys' thoughts? --Green Dragon 17:38, 28 November 2006 (MST)

It has now been changed to Light, Good, Heaven. Looks better, and thanks for doing that. --Green Dragon 19:23, 17 January 2007 (MST)
He should be "related" to the Mother of Storms (DnD Deity) in an undefined way. (The Mother of Storms belongs to Wikiworld. In that setting, details on the oldest gods are always vague and contradictory.) In my opinion, directly destroying temples is unlike the Mother, although she would order someone to destroy it to pay their debt to her. --Dmilewski 19:59, 17 January 2007 (MST)
I agree, I think they could work well together... Below I made a rough draft of their interactions. Please change it to make it better, than we can implement this.
Monoeilanor is portrayed as an old man with a long silver beard, He is thought to be the brother of the Mother of Storms, he wears a long gold flowing robe with platinum stars covering it (his robe portrays the heavens and stars), he has a long golden greatsword at his side but is said to use it rarely, most of his worshipers consist of Druids who also worship Obad-Hai (Monoeilanor has long been friends with Obad-Hai), the race that most often worships him are changelings.
Monoeilanor and his older sister, Mother of Storms, have never gotten along. Many say that the Mother of Storms started the terrible feud that now exists, however all know that the Mother of Storms beat Monoeilanor, and many say she can do it again. Priests of both the Mother of Storms and Monoeilanor both agree that the battle began when they were both children, and when Monoeilanor was more loved by their parents. The Mother of Storms is Monoeilanor's older sister, and when the Mother of Storms saw her parents love to her dwindle and their love for Monoeilanor increase she became very angry. She never forgave Monoeilanor for getting more attention, and does not to this day. Since the Mother of Storms was older she struck first, and tried to exile her younger brother to the far reaches of the universe. This time became known as the "Era of Godly Domination" when the Mother of Storms battled her parents for control over Monoeilanor. Entire countries died fighting, entire planets were destroyed. However, through many many years of fighting, the Mother of Storms won, and exiled her brother to the far reaches of the universe. Nothing is known of what happened to her parents. Late in the "Era of Godly Domination", after the Mother of Storms brother had been exiled, she began to make sure people forgot her brother existed by destroying everything that her brother had touched, trying to make it so people forgot he existed. Eons passes, and soon even the Mother of Storms stopped worrying about him, however Monoeilanor was not happy. Slowly he began to gain followers again, and soon he got another god to allie with him, Obad-Hai. Obad-Hai felt sorry for Monoeilanor and wished to help him win, and he begain to allow his Druids to also worship Monoeilanor. Soon many Druids began to worship Monoeilanor, also many Changelings jioned Monoeilanor's side. Now, with Monoeilanor's allie, Obad-Hai, Monoeilanor expects to rise again, this time to a position to challenge his sister.
Please improve on this and hopefully we can make them work together. --Green Dragon 23:16, 17 January 2007 (MST)
(New edit after updating the Mother of Storms Entry. I have now seperated that article into a generic secion (for this) and a Wikiworld setting (to keep my Wikiworld flavor.)).
Monoeilanor is portrayed as an old man with a long, silver beard. He wears a long, gold, flowing robe with platinum stars covering it, representing the heavens and the stars. He carries a golden greatsword, but is said to rarely use it. Most of his worshippers consists of druids who worship him together with [WotC Proprietary God]. Among races, he is particularly favored by changelings. He is the unchallenged lord of all the skies.
Monoeilanor is the twin brother to Mother of Storms. They are both manifestations of the same primal force. Their conflict was inevitable. Monoeilanor is a representation of balance through action. He carefully attends to the world as it is, like a careful gardener. The Mother of Storms represents balance through laissez-faire (or letting the world sort out its own balance for itself). That which lives is worth living, and that which dies has died. She is more like a game warden in a reserve, only killing those things dangerous enough to warrant her attention.
In their last confrontation, civilizations fell. Monoeilanor lost, being banished to realms too distant for mortal knowledge. Scholars hope to discover more about this confrontation, and it may yet come to light from the ruins of those lost civilizations.
Only recently has Monoeilanor come again into the world, this time without temples. His worship is now wherever his worshipers go. He again has taken Lordship of the Sky. This time, he has an ally with Obad-Hai (TM). What conflagration may yet occur is unclear. For now, the divine powers play a more careful game, preparing for the day when their battle comes. --Dmilewski 08:17, 19 January 2007 (MST)
Looks good, I say go ahead and change it. --Green Dragon 15:53, 19 January 2007 (MST)
Okay I will change it.Is it okay if I make the first thing you wrote down his history? (This is the maker of this god.) —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) 20:26, 12 February 2007 (MST). Please sign your posts.
We're both OK with that. Once I figured out how to keep this entry from doing bad things to the Wikiworld setting (where the Mother of Storms the unchallengable top deity) I became OK with this. --Dmilewski 20:57, 12 February 2007 (MST)
Yup. --Green Dragon 00:17, 13 February 2007 (MST)
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