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This spell has nothing in common with Mirage Arcane[edit]

While yes this is similar to Mirage Arcane, it is not exactly that, Mirage Arcane has tactile, olfactory, and even audible elements, the illusion can be interacted with and even hinder a creature or person's progress through the terrain, however Mirage doesn't do that, it merely creates a illusion that seems appealing in a 45 degree arc. Those that see this are compelled to move towards it, Mirage Arcane does not compell a person to move towards it, nor does it seemingly move farther away as something moves towards it, even if these two spells had the same affect, which they do not, then I would say it is still deserved a spot on the wiki in the regular spells simply because it is a lower level and lasts for a much shorter time. So while both spells create an illusion, the way these illusions react with people and things are very different, and so the spells are not the same. --Graulas (talk) 11:18, 26 February 2017 (MST)

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