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Okay, I abandoned this project a while back, but I'm coming back with a fresh eye and have already worked out some kinks. Please leave feedback on how you'd like to see the class improve. Kimmuriel 17:01, 7 August 2008 (MDT)

New changes: Reworked the prerequisites to limit entry to arcane casters. Wording on Metamagic Capacity changed to limit any possible "+1 of previous class features" gaining slots above 9th level. The Powerful option of Improved Meta has been changed. Meta Substitution has been reworked so that it is on par with Swiftened Meta. Meta Reduction has been rewritten so that it may no longer stack with other such effects. Kimmuriel 17:16, 7 August 2008 (MDT)

Beautiful class you got here. I'll have to ask my DM to let me take it. I took the freedom to change a couple things that seemed neccesary, though:

  1. Added the Key Ability Scores to the Metamage's Class Skills. You didn't have'em for whatever reason. They are important, for when deciding what class to take. (For example, Use Magic Device is governed by Charisma. How many arcane spellcasters have a good Cha score?).
  2. Added a bonus metamagical feat in the table of level progression, for each level that does not gain a level in an existing spellcaster class. I think it's fair, it fits thematically, it's not too much and it would feel a bit empty without it. It does have a fair restriction, check it out.
  3. Added a saving throw clause to the Extend Meta ability. I feel this is the most important thing I did here; if they cannot resist your meddling you can just turn their magic to nothing with the feat that lets you turn magic into "just for show" effectless magic. Please read the saving throw decription, I think it's beautifully redacted and thought out (specially considering the 20-30 seconds it took me).
    1. Incidentally, I think that if you are going to restrict divine spellcasters from accessing the Metamage class, Extend Meta shouldn't have an effect on divine magic. But that's just me, and I didn't change it, I'm just suggesting it here.
  4. Barred the existence of Epic Level Metamages. Not because I do not think there should be, but because you had none at all. If you feel like there should be epic levels, please just think of the stuff they will gain from doing so, and then edit it. Just don't leave it in the open. The rules lawyers don't need anymore ammo.
               Yours truly
            -Some Lizardfolk Theurge

Hey there. I know it's been like five hours or so, and you most likely haven't read it, nor will for quite a while, but I've come up with a further change that is interesting. I'm not editing it because it's too change intensive, I would almost be rewritting the entire thing, so I could as well go create my own Metamage. But you got the name already. At any rate, read away:

My newest inspiration basically merges Metamagic Capacity with Spontaneous Metamagic, for a more "natural" feel, and just maybe a higher efficience. It also glosses over Improved Meta, which on second inspection was sort of redundant to begin with. At any rate, the class feature that does this wonderful work is:

Metamagic Capacity (Ex): At first level, the Metamage gains a Metamagic Slot of level 0. Each succesive level, she gains another metamagic slot of each level she has one, plus one of the immediately superior level, for a grand total of 55 metamagic slots at level 10. Metamagic slots are prepared at the start of each day (even if the caster originally didn't prepare spells) with pure, raw metamagic. At the moment of casting a spell, the metamage can choose to apply one or more of the metamagic feats to a spell, provided that they are of the same level. Doing so does not increase the casting time for spontaneously cast spells. If the caster originally had to prepare spells, she can prepare her magic and her metamagic at once, and it doesn't take any extra time.

As you can see, in one, relatively simple ability I have put roughly two and half. This setup allows Sorcerers and Bards to finally take full advantage of Quicken Spell, and it gives Wizards a higher level of versatility. Also note that the metamagic cast from this ability cannot possibly increase a spell level; thus, it would be sensible to categorize the metamagic itself in "levels", and only allow the use of the higher ones from certain level onwards. They can still be prepared in any metamagic slot, though, the metamagic slot levels are only to correspond with the spell slots. Lastly, if you feel that 55 free metamagical enhacement is too little, it can easily be added a bonus to the metamagic slots gained, based on your key spellcasting score, just like how bonus spell slots are gained. Take note, though, that going this way would require the Metamage to choose an ability from the start of the multiclassing and link it to her Metamage levels, in order to avoid any discrepance between her different casting abilities. Not that it would be bad, it would give it a very nice feel (specially if you allow to choose ANY ability for this; it kind of makes sense that adding metamagic would be based on Dex). As a last footnote, if the Metamage is linked to any specific ability, this changes part of my saving throw clause on Extend Meta. Since now metamagic is cast separately, with it's own relevant ability score, that will be the one used to determine Extend Meta's Saving Throw DC. It would be irrelevant to compare the different casting ability scores.

And there's more! Since I took away one of the special abilities of the Metamage (not that it will be missed), I present you with a brand new-ish one:

True Metamagic (Su): A spell prepared with a metamagic feat has a real spell level equal to its level + any metamagic level modifiers. This is the same as if all your spells also were treated with the Enhace Spell feat, for free.

It's nice, it's simple, it makes sense. Of course this would be the first one learned, then my version of Metamagic Capacity. And yes, it is a supernatural ability. I know the temptation of making each and every ability as extraordinary is great, but a)that way lies unbalance, and b)what good is a magic-enhacing ability that you can cast when you cannot cast any magic? On the other hand, I think this would be the coup de grace against Improved Meta. Not to say that you should scratch Improved Meta away; just do invent a few effects for it that aren't covered already by a metamagic feat.

           Wishing this had been my idea so I could just declare my ramblings as canon:
                                                -The Same Lizardfolk Theurge
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