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I wanted to give the Warlock the ability to do something other than a few spells and then eldritch blast. Invocations and Otherworldly Patron Features do help, but not by much. I think this feature would allow warlocks types other than bladelocks to not be relegated to casting eldritch blast throughout combat. Now, there are obvious problems to this feature: Why give up the ability to cast Fireball at 5th level twice so you can cast it at 3rd level once? That is a valid criticism. This feature was partially created for things like Illusory Script, Misty Step, and Gaseous Form, which are wasted with higher level spell slots. But for spells that do upcast, the feature provides a different benefit: tradeoffs. Sure, you can use Hold Person on 3 people with a 4th level spell slot, but if you memorize it as 3rd level, you can instead use your spell slot to upcast Vampiric Touch. Or vice versa. This feature allows the warlock to be a unique, customizable class without running out of things to do during combat. Randomninjasniper (talk) 13:54, 27 December 2018 (MST)

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