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Balance Issues[edit]

Well, to get a good idea of how balanced a class is, let's base it against a class that does kind of the same thing, shall we?

Hm... What class? Oh! The Mystic Theurge. I'd do it against the Druid / Wizard class, but I don't have my Races of the Wild. Now...

Hit Dice! Well, yours has a.... Woah, a d8! That's the higher value of the Cleric / Wizard one. That's something pretty cool for a crossbreed. You've got the best of best worlds so far! Mystic Theurge lags behind here, unfortunatly, by giving you a d4. :( Poor MT.

Base Attack! Not really a majorly important part of a caster build, but it always helps for touch and ranged spells, so... OH! The MoS has a Medium BAB, that's pretty good. You get the highest BAB from the two entry classes. Ah, but let's measure it up against our opponent. The good ol' MT must measure up to this... With... Oh. A poor BAB of half the level. Oh well. Well, that's two up for our ol' MoS. Don't worry, MT, you're gonna come on up, ain't ya?

Saves! AH! This must be where you shine, my good MT. You have a good will save and poor others. But, that's fine, right? You gotta win this... You... TWO?! Oh man, MoS has you beat with Will and Fort good saves. Sorry, MT. Three up on you, buddy. But, don't worry, you can still draw, right? 3/6, c'mon buddy.

How about your special abilities, MT, ol' buddy. What you got for us? Eh? Nothing. Oh, what a shame. Let's check MoS for you, maybe you can draw with him. A constant +2 on all class skills for a mere -2 spot check. A caster increase for spell resistance checks? Wisdom to AC?! BONUS METAMAGIC FEAT? +1/+2 Save Bonus vs Spells!?? DETECT THOUGHTS AT WILL? COMMUNE AT WILL?!

Oh god, MT. You got thrashed, buddy. 4/6 for MoS... You're down, MT. Hell, with that display, I'd give you a penalty, but you ain't got nothing to penalize, my man! Oh dear oh dear.

You can still get some scores, right? C'mon, buddy. C'mon...

Skills. Alright, You've got a 2+Int and so has MoS. But, you've got more class skills! YES! You've won a trivial victory on something rather unimportant! YAY! 1/6 vs 4/6. C'mon, get the 2/6, MT there buddy.

Spells per day? You both get additional to each one. Oh well, you draw, good times. I'll give you half a point each. 1.5 to 4.5 out of 6.

So, final scores? I'll give MT an extra .5 for having easier requirements, so he's got a 2 ad MoS has a 4.5.

But, by the GODS, MT only got a full point for having more SKILLS to choose from.

Maybe it's a TAD overpowered, nay?

--TK-Squared 06:19, 18 May 2008 (MDT)

Thanks. I should never write classes that late at night again (woops). I'll start rebalancing based on your comments. — OptimizationFanatic (talk|contrib) 10:58, 18 May 2008 (MDT)
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