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As for the heavy thrown property, I figured it would be interesting if there was a heavy thrown option that was applicable to weapons that did a competent amount of damage. I realize this makes it more powerful based on the D&D games method of mechanic balancing (as in say, the handaxe does 1D6 damage, which is far less than say, the waraxe at D12) but, the general idea would be to make throwing based ranged characters do a decent amount of damage. From a functional stand point, this isn't necessarily more powerful than other ranged characters, so while thrown weapons are generally nerfed, it doesn't seem too incredibly overpowered.

I don't mind changing this or even removing the hammer, mace and axe (although, it certainly makes it a bit harder to get feats for), however the heavy thrown thing was deliberate.

Alternatively, what if I gave the heavy thrown property to it from a feat?

The barbarian can turn any offhand weapon in to a heavy thrown (with the HURL WEAPON feat), which if you have the Ranger ability Two-Blade Fighting Style, means pretty much any ordinary weapon? So, it's like, a feat tax.

Edit- Instead, the heavy thrown property is an aspect of the feat, rather than a property of the weapon. Which, described above, is backed up as balanced by other and similar feats in the source books.

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