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I am happy to accept your help[edit]

Greetings my name is Juki the original creator of this race.

Recently I saw in the history tab that you would like to help out with creating this race.

I think that would be a great idea seeing as you have made some good changes so far!

However, I would really recommend that you indeed make an account so that you can have both the proper credit you deserve and so that we can have an easier way of communicating!

Also, I have based this race around the wiki pages of the Koopaling from the biggest Mario wiki

Usually trying to base it around their unique powers and abilities while also looking at their battles from the most recent 3d game where they are usually all pretty unique (That's also where I got Iggy's climb speed and ceiling running from)

I would also like to emphasize the importance of open communication when working together otherwise it might get out of hand quickly. I know that from experience...

But, yeah I would love to have you on board! It's always handy to do have someone else to compare ideas / create Ideas with!

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