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If you are trying to redesign the Complete Warrior class of them same name as a base class, then it should be kensai instead of kensei. However you are correct in that this is the original japanese way of spelling kensai (where they originated), in english it is written as kensai. Seeing as this is an english article I think either way it should be changed. However then again, it's kind of cool the athenticity of it, using the original japanese name, so it's your decision either way. :) --Vrail 04:31, 2 June 2010 (UTC)

No noticeable improvements in over a year unless someone else plans to take it I will put it on my to do list. Tivanir 19:19, 9 March 2012 (MST)

Flash Step[edit]

Just noticed this, but in the first line of the Flash Step ability, it lists it as EX (extraordinary). However, the last line of the ability description refers to it as "this supernatural ability". So, there's a bit of a contradiction there. I can see how the author might have felt that it should be extraordinary. Most of the other class abilities are, and the concept seems to be someone who achieves their abilities through physical training. Plus there's the line of sight restriction, which might imply that the user is meant to be moving very quickly, not actually teleporting. On the other hand, the class does have a couple of supernatural abilities already. Plus, there's a precedent set by both the Monk and the Tome of Battle classes for even abilities gained by rigorous training being supernatural when they produce a spell-like effect. Anyone have a clear-cut answer on which this should be? Leaning towards SU myself, mainly since there's nothing to indicate that the Kensei (Kensai?) must have a clear path to the destination, just that they be able to see it.

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