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Dexterity and Strength adds Movement Speed[edit]

When your playing with figures the Map space is limited; and Monsters MUST have the Additional speed options Also applied. Not to mentioned they already have balanced the speed of each monster and equated their beings to it.

Since your Also carrying Gear; For Every MATCHING Strength Modifier AND Dexterity Modifier Point will equivalent to 5ft. of Movement Speed. ~5.5e

So, for an Ability Modifires of...
Str Mod +1
Dex Mod +3
= +5ft. Speed cause of +1 in STR matches a +1 in DEX。
additional Variants[edit]
  1. For every excess +2 Dex Modifier, not matched with a Strength Modifier is equivalent to another +5ft. of Movement speed.
    1. the example above will give it a total of +10 ft. in Speed.
  2. You could also include a Constitution Modifier requirement; So the Character must have three Ability Modifiers Prerequisites.
    1. and instead have a Three more points of Dex Modifier in order to gain +5ft. of Movement Speed.

-- 09:38, 16 June 2016 (MDT)

I disagree. Monsters do not have variable DEX scores. Their abilities are static. Every monster has the same stats. Also, as you said, monster speed scores are already balanced to serve a tactical purpose. PCs are not purpose-built like that. If you were to apply this rule to monsters, you would need to determine their pre-existing modifier from their static DEX score, then remove that modifier from their speed to get some equivalent of their "racial speed", (I guess?) then roll for the individual ability scores, (or just the DEX scores) for every single monster. Also, the multiplier applied to the DEX mod to get your speed mod would likely vary from one type of monster to another due to differences in anatomy. (Horses likely get more speed per bonus than, say, a chuul.) Also, this only applies to normal land movement. Creatures which move in different ways, like beholders, or through different media, like birds and fish, would not benefit from any of this.
As for including strength due to encumbrance rules, that's an interesting idea, but your explanation is so abbreviated I'm having troubles following your math. My only objection to including the strength modifier and encumbrance rules is the fact that basically nobody actually plays with encumbrance rules. It is a very difficult property for the DM to keep track of, and it is in every player's best interest to fudge their encumbrance. Including a variant which relies on encumbrance rules would be demanding of any DM who chose to use that rule. --Kydo (talk) 10:46, 16 June 2016 (MDT)
If your rule applies to the char should apply to the monsters as they would have additional speed if their stats have STR and DEX Modifiers so if a monster has a STR+2 and DEX+3 Modifier he would be granted additional +10ft. total movement. More of having the strength to to move matching it's Dexterity. also the MAP space on the table top from PAIZO is not that big; 120ft. from one leght to the other if i remember correctly if 1sq. is 5ft. the increased Requirement is to prevent a monk speeding to 60ft. in 6 sec when they are at max levels. without magical items assisting them.

also adding it to your post is to have a single page talking about the similar variants than creating two pages and reading it in two different pages.

You're making a mistake. You're assuming monsters follow all the same design rules as PCs. That is not the case, and has never been. --Kydo (talk) 22:15, 27 June 2016 (MDT)
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