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This template offers too many benefits to be of such a low LA.

I find that I agree. Jwguy 02:18, 9 November 2009 (MST)

I think not, as how would immortality effect the game really for player characters? Most campaigns are at most around a 20 to 30 time period if that (unless you time skip). The only bit that would truely play any part is the Immortal Health and though it the immunity to poison, disease, ability damages, ability drains, fatigue. Yet these are all subjective to the encounter and while it can be strong many times it might not even play a part. The character is question can still be killed, one just needs to cause more direct physical or magical harm. A fireball in the face will still hurt an Immortal character just as much as a non-immortal. A sword can still cut them open spilling their guts, and causing them harm just as much. Low-light vision is also useful, but many races and other such things give this to starting characters. On the ability boost, many templetes if not most give a far greater boost to abilities. For a LA of +2 I feel this works very well. I would use and allow use of this templete for any of my campaigns.

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