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High Dwarf Magic is way too powerful of a trait; you're granting them half of wizard's 18th level feature, at level 1, for a race. Anyone will just pick shield and break the balance of the game. Weak Concentration seems to be some kind of way to "fix" the trait, but if a race is so powerful that it needs downsides to work, then it's usually not a very well-designed race; in this case, it is definitely not well-designed. I'd recommend removing Weak Concentration, and making High Dwarf Magic just be a cantrip, like High Elves. You could make it be a 1st-level spell once per long rest, but then you have issues with spells that only need to be cast once a day or so (such as find familiar) easily making their way onto a martial character that might be able to abuse them far more easily than a caster. Even then, that might not be a huge issue, but it still is one.--Blackbando (talk) 08:02, 12 September 2018 (MDT)

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