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Maybe you should think about moving "Hexer" to Classes and keeping the feats here. Another Idea is move this whole page to Classes and then you won't have to worry about separating them because the feats only seem to apply to your Hexer Class.

About your hexer. It seems to be a marshall/warlock variant with trapfinding.

It looses choices for Marshal auras, and can't directly deal damage. So it is definitely a support class.

The Distant Hexing: Is it double the range or increase the original range multiple (in other words increase "x" of original range*x)?

It seems your hexcasting feat is overpowered, even as an epic feat. (e.g. "I spend one feat to get what has taken you 20 levels to get.")

I think Hexcasting needs more requirements. Maybe you should make it multiple epic feats?

Maybe you should think of feats to gain more hex auras?

I am kind of out of time, but I hope my quick review helps.

Fey-yell (talk) 06:24, 28 December 2013 (MST)

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