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I was wondering about a few things: I noticed you gave them incredible Ability Modifiers; +6 Strength, +2 Intelligence, +2 constitution,and +4 dex. Normally you never boost more then 2 stats more then +2, or 1 stat +4. I can't imagine that with the modifiers you gave the Half-Dragons that they would balance against any of the existing Races. Their current modifiers would get them disallowed from almost any game. While it's more fluff based I noticed the ranges on their Heights and Weights seems rather large, I would go with 5’6”–6’8”, and 250–375 lb. As well their Speed seems kinda high I would have stuck to 8 as that tends to be the max land speed. Also I was wondering about their Encounter Powers, I like most of them but with so many I wonder if during a combat encounter if a character would ever use anything besides those, particularly if the Half-Dragon is in a party of 5 or more Characters (at some point they should have to fall back on their Basic Melee attack). Unless the Breath Weapon is the only one they all get, and then they have to pick one of the others. I almost get that feeling from Lineage, but the wording is unclear. In fact at the moment I'm unsure what else (if anything else) that ability does, maybe grant them a free Feat? Sorry if I'm missing something here, but either way it probably needs to be delineated better. You can always do what you want in your campaign setting, but if you really want this race to see universal use you should tone them down a bit, and balance them against existing races, so anyone can include them without having to revise them. As is they overshadow any other race that might be in the group. -- Sepsis 08:44, 28 September 2008 (MDT)

I didn't do anything like that. Someone must have changed it to suit they're munckining needs. I'm afraid they don't know anything about 4e. My original creation was +2 STR and +2 INT, the speed 6 and the encounter powers as they are. They do only pick one breathe weapon, as well as a lineage feat. I did the half-dragon as it is, and you can imagine how frustrating it can be having someone edit it because they can't do well with being like everyone else. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Otogi (talkcontribs) 00:50, 1 October 2008 (MDT). Please sign your posts!

Lost immunities[edit]

Does this version have (or will have) any resistance or immunity to breath weapon damage type, sleep and paralysis?

No, but that's so fitting and excellent, it will in the next version!

Balance Issues[edit]

Just so you know, the half-dragon's movement speed is too unbalancing in actual gameplay. Maybe make speed as a 5 or 6, and make a paragon-tier feat that adds the capability of flight equal to 1/2 your natural speed ,with hovering (this is what I'd do, anyhow). --- Ralcos Ralcos

Minor clarification about encounter powers.[edit]

Can we clarify if the player is to choose one power at character creation, or can they use one-or-the-other in any one encounter (like the Drow's racial powers)?

Just a Note[edit]

I removed the picture of Morrigan and the Ogre because frankly while its from Dragon Age, it has nothing at all to do with dragons or half dragons. Or dragon adventurers as the section title listed.

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