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This is Animeotaku137 here, If you could say how you incorporated these effects into your campaign I'd appreciate it. It'd also be interesting to hear their effect on the players. Jan 17, 2011 21:17 GMT -5


I have several problems with my creation, mostly details. I'm sure I will also have more in the future. For now, my biggest issue is how much should the price be for this grog? The more effects a player has, the more fun and weird it can get, however, it shouldn't completely drain the player's of all of their money. --AnimeOtaku137 18 January 2011

New Effects[edit]

OKAY! Lets put this here so we don't have any errant editing. While I was making this, I used these rules in order to keep the grog as whimsical, and all-encompassing as possible.

FX cannot be D&D campaign group specific. (No in-jokes)
FX cannot help the player overly much. (to keep them from being abused)
FX cannot hinder the player's ability to play. (then it's not fun)
FX cannot alter stats in a positive of negative manner (or only in a non-helpful way, or they contain a large contingent)
FX cannot be class, race, or character specific. (So anyone can drink it!)
FX cannot be from pop-culture (I'm aiming for originality, please)
FX must be phrased in non-gender specific ways. (Again, so anyone can drink it)
FX are permanent. (Can be removed by a remove curse spell, but should last a good long while)

(Do not touch any instance of the numbers: 10, 15, 25, 30, 38, 45, 50, 60, 70, 74, 78, 85, 90, 99, or 100. They are numbers that have repeat effects, and I must have 10 new effects in order to replace any of them.)

New Suggestion for Grog Effect[edit]

2/391 - Every time the character falls (of course when they jump as well) no matter how short the fall is they will always land on their face.(faceplant)

Added in as effect 431, thanks! ~AnimeOtaku137
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