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Hey Genteka, I can't seem to get the page to show up on the list of grim alterations, whats the problem? → Rith 00:12, 7 December 2008 (MST)

Well, the reason for it not showing up is because it uses those SMW property tags, so, whenever a new one is added onto a list like that, the list page has to be purged and refreshed. The same thing got me before too. Anyways, I took care of that, so it is on the list now. Also, can I make a recommendation for a change to the prerequisite? I suggest a change from having a high Constitution to needing the Constitution Boon (Grim Alteration) for a couple reasons. The first being that he could gain this ability at 2nd level and have it made permanent by 9th level. At such low level, it seems to be a bit much, but if he has to wait until 4th level to get it (and not be able to make it permanent until 13th level) it evens it out a bit. If The second being that, while still forcing him to have a bonus on his Constitution, it doesn't penalize a player who may have taken Constitution Boon (Grim Alteration) and still not be able to apply for it because his race had a Constitution penalty to begin with. Anyways, I'm kinda rambling at this point. I hope the preloader page was easy to use and everything. If you got any other questions on stuff, just let me know. --Ganteka 10:41, 7 December 2008 (MST)
Okay, so whenever I make a new alteration, I have to go back to the list page and hit the purge tab? or will you always handle it? Anyways, I'll go ahead and go back and change the prerequisites, I don't really have a problem with that, but yeah, the preloader was simple enough to understand, but it could be a slightly better organized, but thats just my opinion :)Rith 16:16, 7 December 2008 (MST)
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