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um this needs some balancing it allows you to have an ac of 26 at 2nd lv because of say a 20 dex is +5 plate makes your base 18 and u can have a shield +2 and the defense fighting style +1 and because of the way the ability weightless touch is worded theirs no reason to have a hi str not even to be able to wear plate mail

oh then choose any custom class that gives a +1 to ac then have the artificer make a +3 shield a +3 armor and have a defender your ac will be 36 meaning the terasque needs a 17 to hit

so overall the extra armore class given by this class makes in nigh impossible to hit this guy where the best ac most could get is 31 which is impossible to hit with the +11 to hit lv 20 characters will probably have

this class abilities should not be based on con since gravity is a force that doesn't originate from yourself unless you are playing a race that can naturally not magically control gravity I recommend if anything this class should be wis based for its abilities as gravity is a natural law so it should be governed by the same stat as the druids spellcasting

though the con save on its affects is good but I might switch that out in some places for a strength save like say if you were making somebodies weapon heavier or trying to pull it out of their hands though at some lv this class should get proficiency in con save like you can say that you have internalized gravitonic forces and now it takes a lot to take you down

A friend wants to play this class in a campaign I'm running. Will be cleaning up the class to match PHB Guidelines Rayce Kaiser (talk) 05:36, 10 October 2018 (MDT)

I can only assume that the gravity action section is still a work in progress. Not super unpolished, but the wording isn't too consistent with 5e ability terminology + structure. And I am uncertain of what is meanted by "rooted". Does the effect grapple, restrain, or reduce the targets movement to 0 until the start of your next turn? Gravity Actions overall would benefit from some clarity in how the attacks are calculated, like how the monk descrbes saves against its ki abilities and the Mystic describes the formula for ranged attacks. A small paragraph to express how saving throws to resist and attack rolls with abilities are calculated would be super helpful and help eliminate some potential redundant wording.
Is gravity infusion supoosed to be able to work on ranged weapons?
The Vector Shift ability is really neat, but offers absolute safety for your allies. As it's currently worded though, it says you "take the hit" which reads to me that you voluntarily take damage from an attack roll that very well could have been avoided by you with AC, I like it. I think it might benefit from some resource expenditure. And I think its area of effect could be best kept to the limit of the classes Aura.
The more I read into the more apparent the rough edges become. I'll probably mark this for watching, but I highly recommend doing your best to look at other finished and approved works on this site to get a better feel for wording and terminology. Good luck bud.--Gr7mm Bobb (talk) 08:21, 10 October 2018 (MDT)
Thanks, not my creation, but I try to work on the class as the campaign progress and edit things to with the players input to make sure he's happy and that the class is "balanced" (Looking at you, Ancestral Spirit Barbarian) At the moment, got stuff done through level 5. Planning on making the Gravity Actin a lvl 6 thing across the board, formatted like the Way of the Elements Monk path, giving access to gravity flavored spells. Most of my focus is on Gravity Knight, but I will try to clean up the other two paths as much as I am inspired too. (Also who ever keeps making the Unarmored Defense 13+mod+mod, srsly, stop that!) Rayce Kaiser (talk) 16:05, 2 November 2018 (MDT)
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