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Alright. I'm not going to start an edit war.

According to the Dungeon Master's Guide, page 282, the approximate average damage for a 1st level spell that inflicts damage to one target and no damage on a successful save is 13.75. Prior to the most recent edit, glacial crash inflicted an average of 13 damage. It was only slightly less than the ideal value, but had the added benefit of inflicting ~2 damage even on a failed save, and inflicted two types of damage on a success. In my opinion, it was about as perfectly balanced as a homebrew spell could be.

In other words, the increased damage is unwarranted. Adding casting ability increases the average damage to anywhere from 15 to 23. That's potentially even more than even a 2nd level spell of the same type should inflict (about 20.5).

The addition of casting ability modifier to damage is also needlessly unconventional, as no official spell adds a casting ability to damage twice over. (It's rare to add casting ability to spell damage outside of a class feature, even.)

I previously made my edits with these thoughts in mind. I like the idea of the spell and intend to use it, but if it's going to stay like this I'll just make a variant to use for my own purposes. - Guy (talk) 18:25, 16 May 2017 (UTC)

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