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Tl;dr if someone attacks you while your weapon is sheathed and they miss (hello AC builds), you can attack them--and either attack them a second time, render them flat-footed, or even immediately end their turn. The kicker is that is that this requires no real action economy investment from you because you already have Quick Draw; you don't have to commit to the reaction until you've already been missed, and you can sheathe your weapon as part of this reaction anyway. Even with the prerequisites, how is this balanced as a single feat?

To whomever posted the complaint about balance (above) this feat is not unbalanced, at least not for the reasons you listed.

  • In the action economy, reactions are not listed, because they are not a part of 3.5e D&D. Reactions are a part of 5e D&D, and are not seen outside of 5e D&D.
  • Two attacks would seem unbalanced, until you realize this is not 5e and most classes have many, many attacks. Whirlwind Attack, Two Weapon Fighting and Improved Shield Bash are all ways to get more attacks, most using the offhand, and all options available to the fighter, who is most likely to get this feat.
  • Most DMs I have spoken to would allow someone with the feat Quick Draw to not just draw but also sheath a weapon as a free action, but this is not anonymous. Speak with your DM before doing this.
  • There is a feat listed at D&Dtools called Riposte, which is SRD. This is not listed on this website, but I wanted to show that all features provided by this feat are approved in some variation by SRD.

Thank you for reading this discussion for some reason, have a pleasant day.

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