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I am also looking for ways to make an effective two weapon fighter as effective feats for a two-handed attacker are plenty and dual wield is lacking. This feat however without additional restrictions is overpowered. In theory I could wield two maximum sized 1h weapons without any penalties. This should either only apply to players using med/light or light/light or possibly in some "house rules" with other feats like Elven weaponmastery work with med/med (longswords only)

Restricting this feat to light or medium weapons would be adding too much. I will clarify the wording of this feat to say that you incur no penalties associated with Two-Weapon Fighting but that other penalties(i.e. wielding an exotic weapon or weapons in a higher size category w/o being proficient in it) will still apply. I thought that was a given but I guess not. --Bitsy83 21:05, 10 October 2008 (MDT)
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