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Question, is the spell intended to have it that it deals no damage to creatures that succeed on their initial saves? As a second level spell, it would benefit from having it deal half damage on a successful save, so that it's competitive against other saving throw spells of similar level, and with the vast majority of fire damage spells in general. It could also benefit from providing a dexterity save for half on the later reaction damage, otherwise it's a similarly effective damage power of the 4th-level spell Fire Shield (despite not providing resistance and needing a reaction) that a 2nd-level spell shouldn't have before the 3rd-level spell power spike.--Kahz (talk) 02:01, 9 October 2016 (MDT)

I think Marasmusine intended for it to be a more conservative offensive spell; something that lets you potentially make a lot of attacks off one spell. Its power is lacking for 2nd level, but I think it makes up for that by potentially doing its damage every round with reactions. An offensively-casting sorcerer usually wouldn't get much mileage out reactions otherwise. I do agree it would be better if the Dex save to halve damage applied to both the initial damage (which is currently "save or nothing") and the residual damage (which is currently "no you just take all the damage"). This seems more logical for the spell itself, and more thematically fitting for fire AoE spells in general.
So, I went ahead and did the "reaction to halve damage," at least. Maybe Mara just forgot about this spell? — Guy (talk | edits) 09:11, 10 March 2017 (UTC)
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