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Unlike Kittelars, this Template was created to work with a friend of mine's Campaign where 1.) I'm not DM, 2.) Kittelars don't exist in this world (atleast that how I prefer it...), and 3.) I didn't want to over powering the party. This is rather odd template that I might be able to reword to even fit a D20 Modern setting.--Eroneko 18:15, 14 January 2008 (MST)


A few things:

  • I'm a little unfamiliar with races outside the norm, but the "Increase all current and future Hit Dice to d8s" only applies to racial hit dice, correct? If not I would think that would be a problem (too powerful).
  • Does "Felis Sapien" need to be capitalized throughout the whole article? I could see Felis perhaps, since it would be the genus in taxonomical terms, but what about Sapien(s)?
  • Unarmed strikes do non-lethal damage for normal people (non-monks, people without Improved Unarmed Strike). The way it is worded it sounds as though the claws still deal non-lethal damage (unless slashing damage cannot be non-lethal?).
  • The DC for Feline Mind is in all likelihood pathetically small, and does not scale with the character. Maybe something like 5 + Character Level would have a similar effect at first level and keep continuity at higher levels (perhaps reflecting the character's increased confidence in her ability to get out of whatever situation she might get stuck in)?
  • Tail Dependence
  • What exactly defines severe damage? Perhaps it (the tail) should be proportional to the character's total health and have a separate AC/require a called strike to hit?
  • Balance check vs what? Given the harshness of the penalties if would expect something relatively easy (like 10), although again it might be better if it scaled with level. Also, I would suggest making Balance a class skill regardless of character class to compensate for this.
  • Spring Time Infatuation: Spring is pretty long. Like three months, if we're using the Gregorian calendar. Perhaps making it smaller period (say a month, or several weeks) would be more reasonable? It would suck to be a fawning idiot for a quarter of the game (or all of it, depending on when the game is set (although it would make for some interesting and potentially awkward role-playing). You might also include something about successfully getting it on with a male reducing any further checks (like +2/male), as I would imagine this 'heat' is a reflection of the need to reproduce, but once you've gotten there it shouldn't be such a big deal. Just a thought.
  • Abilities: Odd ability modifiers are just... odd. I would just even it all out to +2.

All in all I like it, which is why I took the time to comment on it. There are a few places where run-on sentences/wording becomes a minor annoyance as well, but overall it's very good. If I find a decent picture (based on your description) I'll post it up/run it by you if you get around to responding to this by then. -- Jota 12:19, 7 June 2009 (MDT)

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