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So.. a bunch of these are pretty obviously stolen from the tomes. Most don't even have the names changed. All that's different is that the flavor's been ripped out and they've been downgraded slightly. Starless Knight 23:53, 4 May 2012 (MDT)

First I made the comment I tried to balance them from Tomes and I already made a statement that about 2/3 of them aren't mine which will drop once I add the rest. Second the reason I didn't balance tomes is because everyone immediately complains when you touch F&K stuff so after the first time I decided I was going to make a viable playable version along with a ton of other feats. While they serve as inspiration for a lot of the basic feats already here the reason I didn't go with just fixing up their issue is because people immediately jump on you even when you are trying to correct the basic fact that fighters should never be on par dps with a mage because mages are limited and can't wear armor. Now if people want to stop complaining when I try to rebalance things then maybe this wouldn't be necessary. Tivanir 07:17, 5 May 2012 (MDT)
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