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Over power much?

Best BAB progression, best HD, Best Saves, Disgustingly over powered special abilities in sick amounts. This class should be run by every player in every game style and every npc ever... wouldn't that suck?

OK. If we actually wanted to make this a viable class we start by stripping stuff and expanding to a 10 lvl class so we can spread out those SAs.

HD to d8

BAB to 2nd tier (+0,+1,+2,+3,+3,+4,+5,+6,+6,+7)

Saves to Avg (Fort focus) (see strong hero)

Monstrous Feat (has access to Monstrous Feats)

This is a nice starting point for a SA heavy class...


1 +4 to save vs. Sleep/Charm/Fear, Endure (Not affected by temperatures between 120F and -20F)

2 Dragon’s Senses (60' Dark-vision, double range of normal and low-light vision.)

3 Dragon’s Embrace (immune to disease, poisons, ability damage and ability drains. Creature type becomes "Dragon"), Dragon’s Hide I (+2 natural armor, DR 1/-

4 Immunity to Energy type (of dragon breath)

5 Dragon’s Breath (same type as immunity, usable 1/day, 1d4dmg per class lvl, 30' cone, Save for 1/2 dmg - Reflex DC 10+class lvl)

6 Dragon’s Growth

7 Dragon’s Hide II (+5 natural armor, DR 3/-, replaces "Dragon’s Hide I")

8 Dragon’s Flight

9 Great Swathe

10 Wyrm’s Persona

Ironclad - gone

Mettle - gone

Ability Improvements - gone

Improved Power Attack - gone

Fast Healing - gone

Supreme Power Attack - gone

Improved Mettle - gone

Immunities - nerfed

Endure - nerfed

Dragon’s Senses - nerfed

Dragon’s Hide -nerfed

Dragon’s Breath - nerfed

Dragon’s Embrace - nerfed but gotten earlier

Immunity to Energy type - added

Monstrous Feat - basic class feature

Dragon’s Growth - unchanged

Dragon’s Flight - unchanged

Great Swathe - unchanged

Wyrm’s Persona - unchanged

Now its an interesting class that some players will want to run, but not everyone in the party. Is it an unbeatable power house? No. Is it a great tank type with some cool dragon-themed abilities? Yes. Debatably, this is still over powered and would not make it into most campaigns I have run as a playable class. NPC, yes. PC, no. It does have some potential as a PC class but personally I'd only run it through lvl 7.

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