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The damage from this spell is very high at this level for being unavoidable automatic damage, especially from a rare damage type. Adding a saving throw for half damage or lowering the damage would help bring it into line, possibly both since it's radiant damage. A Constitution saving throw to reduce by half, and/or a simple -1d8 damage would be sufficient. Preferably the saving throw, if forced to choose between the two. Adding in some flavor text about how much light this spell generates, such as 20-feet of bright light and 20-feet of dim light would give it a bit more substance and utility, though I would avoid having it as sunlight or daylight. A dome of light should generate light :) Also, does the spell move with you? If so (and it seems like it should), altering the text to the following provides unequivocal clarity of that: "You summon an orb of light that expands to a 10-foot radius around you that moves with you, remaining centered on you, and lasts for the duration." Without the moving text, it implies a stationary orb that simply originates from where you stand at the time of casting and remains there.--Kahz (talk) 01:31, 10 October 2016 (MDT)

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