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This is a crazy thing I thought up, but I feel that the cost and (high) chance of failure balances it nicely. This spell does essentially create spell slots, but the level of those spell slots is limited by the power of the creatures "distilled", and by the component cost. This is not likely to be cast by any good PC, but if it's left around for the chaotic warlock of the tome, I guess your DM knows what they are getting themselves into.

I think that any abuse of this would require a complicit DM, unless you want to spend much of your wealth in order to proliferate low level spell slots, but once you have access to 9th level spell slots, I don't think that's much of a balance issue. You would be better off casting cantrips much of the time, anyway. Some classes may be better with this spell than others (I'm looking at you, warlock, but if your DM gave you a +3 rod of the pact keeper and grey archmage robes, I suppose it was meant to be.) Zibby (talk) 11:47, 13 January 2019 (MST)

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