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I found for you source for Daring Outlaw class[edit]

Daring Outlaw

Suggestion for your campign:[edit]

  • Wizard's are required in the setting Sumran Mages.
  • Daring Outlaw was instead of Rogue, but someone changed rogue back to a PC class.
  • Cleric's are required in the setting, Clerics of Dylian.
  • Rangers don't make sense as an arcane class in this setting as they aren't focused towards knowledge.
  • Druids are a staple class.
  • NPC's can take levels in any base class.
  • You can use give Wizards' role in the setting Sumran Mages to binders.
  • True Adventurer class can replace both daring outlaw and both sorcerer.
  • I just suggest that players cannot be clerics.
  • They can make sense as hunters instead of nature's guards
  • What you mean when you say staple class?
  • Great
  • Wouldn't fit. The Sumran warmages are not summoners. They are Wizards. That's why they rule a large portion of the world. As wizards are much more powerful then other classes.
  • I don't like that class. And it's flavor doesn't fit the world. Sorcerers are required because of one of the major event of the fourth era are completed by a Sorcerer, who definitely isn't part of that class.
  • Except I want players to be allowed to be clerics.
  • Except the Moon of Arcane magic wouldn't grant them magic. Also if it was arcane they would actually be weaker as a class, as their casting stat would change to Int or Cha. Divine Magic allows for Wis to be their casting stat, which is their primary stat for a decent amount of their skills.
  • They are an archetype of the genre that I don't want to loose.
  • Arcane Ranger that his casting stat is Int get more skill points and can use this skill points for Wis based skills
  • At least don't give much freedom to your druid class
  • Strangely, after creating my Fighter Fix, I have actually removed Ranger as a playable class.
  • That class is tier one, I'm going to have to weaken it.

I found some classes for you campaign[edit]

None of those classes fit my campaign. These are the base classes for my campaign.
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