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This fails.

First of all NPC's should have non-elite array abilities (or elite). This seems kind of random.

Secondly NPC soldiers don't make "profession checks", they have standard pay. Once you are in the city guard you are paid by your rank and duties. Feats and skills are wrong...

14 hp? How did you get this? It seems extremely random.

2nd-level warriors are the standard soldiers? I think 1st-level warriors should be the default. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts.

Low-level, super-common NPCs are probably fine with the standard array, but I agree 12's and 10's doesn't make any sense. I'll change it to the standard array for now.
Even though they may not make profession checks to get paid, they can still have skills in profession, seeing as how it is their job. Skill Focus (Profession) seems a little silly, though, for such a low-level guard. I'll replace it with Toughness and change the skills as follows: 2 skill points each in intimidate, profession, sense motive, spot, listen, and handle animal.
IIRC, NPC classes don't get full hp at first level, so it should be 8hp (+3 from Toughness ups it to 11). I have no idea how you could get to 14, unless the hp were rolled, or they were given full hp at first level, average (rounded up) at second level, and no hp from Con...
Level is subjective to the area. In a better-funded city, maybe all first level warriors train until they become second level warriors and join the guard. JazzMan 15:31, 12 April 2010 (UTC)
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